Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Camp Mommy" - Check out this park with your kids

Get into nature and have an outdoor adventure.
You can combine fitness with fun and do something that is tailored to everyone's ability. Rent a boat, canoe or kayak or go for a hike or a nature walk. Here is a great recommendation for outside fun from Inside Out Kids in and Around West Palm Beach, Fl. (pg 104)

Riverbend Park
9060 Indiantown Road
Jupiter, FL 33478
561.747.0063 .us/parks/locations/riverbend.htm

Five miles of waterways and 15 miles of access roads and trails have been carved into more than 680 acres of diverse marsh and subtropical terrain making this park a splendid resource for hiking, bicycling, canoeing and kayaking. Self-guided trails are open for hiking, bicycling, canoeing and kayaking seven days a week, from sunrise to one hour
before sunset. Riverbend Park also serves as part of the head waters to the Northwest Fork of the Loxahatchee River, the only surviving example of a subtropical cypress forest river system remaining in Florida.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kid Sushi - Recipe from Inside Out Kids in and Around West Palm Beach, FL

This is a fun snack to prepare with your kids. It looks a lot like sushi...and your kids will love preparing and eating this sweet treat. Inside Out Kids In and Around West Palm Beach, FL: Great things to do with kids inside and outside of the house is a great resource for many activities that are simple to complete. It's always fun to spend time with your kids too!

Kid Sushi
4 crispy rice treats
4 fruit roll-ups
4 gummy worms
Remove rice treats from package and place on microwave safe plate. Microwave on high for 10 sec. to soften. Unroll fruit roll-ups and place plastic wrap side down on work surface. Lay one rice treat on each fruit roll-up and use fingers to flatten to about ¼" thick. The rice treat should cover half of the roll-up. Top with one gummy worm. Starting with the rice treat side, removing the plastic as you roll, tightly roll fruit roll-up into a cylinder shape around the rice treat and gummy worm. Cut your "sushi" roll into four 1 inch lengths and enjoy!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Summer Family Fun – Are Your Kids Going to “Camp Mommy” This Year?

Every year in early June, hundreds of Palm Beach County children stream out of schools, ready to be entertained for several weeks. So what do you do with them? With this difficult economy, summer camp for kids is out of the question for many families. Of course the classic summer vacation plan is to take the whole family on a trip someplace fantastic. But... a big expensive vacation probably isn't in the financial cards for many of us this year. You can still have fun by planning a family "staycation", exploring Palm Beach County with the same enthusiasm of a vacation out of town. Inside Out Kids is a great resource that will turn your summer vacation at home into a great vacation. “Camp Mommy” just might be the best summer camp experience your kids ever had! Here are some tips from Inside Out Kids in and Around West Palm Beach, Florida: Great things to do with kids inside and outside of the house:
Get into nature and have an outdoor adventure. Visit the many local parks and beaches and enjoy the amenities that they have to offer. You can combine fitness with fun and do something that is tailored to everyone's ability. Rent a boat, canoe or kayak or go for a hike or a nature walk. Ride horses, go bird watching and explore nature with hands-on activities.
Travel back in time by visiting the historic sites in the area. Celebrate Palm Beach County's 100th birthday. Find the historic marker where Old Fort Jupiter was established during the Battle of Loxahatchee. Climb to the top of a 156-foot tall lighthouse that was completed in 1860. Wander through a home built upon an ancient Native American shell mound and imagine what pioneer life was like. Check out the historical museums in Boca Raton and West Palm Beach and get a glimpse of the past.
Be a tourist in your own town and check out some of the things that you might have missed over the years. Many museums offer special activities throughout the year that are family-friendly and fun.
Attend local festivals and community events. All around West Palm Beach, Chambers, businesses and non-profit organizations provide events and festivals throughout the year. Watch parades and fireworks, attend a concert or performance in the park, walk through art shows, eat some sweet corn, celebrate nature and enjoy the celebrations of another nation. You might be surprised how many free or inexpensive fun things there are to do in this area.
Visit U-pick farms and Farmer's Markets. Plan a day to go to U-pick farms that allow you to pick your own fresh fruit and vegetables and buy them in bulk at low prices. Some farms will also offer other family-friendly activities onsite. Farmer's markets are also a great way to spend a morning shopping for home grown and homemade products. Some markets also offer entertainment, food and crafts.
Have fun at home. You don't have to go out to have a good time. Experiment in the kitchen with a fun new easy to follow recipe, or do art projects with gooey dough or recycled materials. Make your own craft supplies. "Play" with your food and make some chocolate clay or kid "sushi". There are lots of great snack recipes in the book.

You can have a fantastic time this year during summer vacation. Do something fun everyday! Inside Out Kids is available online and contains addresses, websites, phone numbers and cost information for many area activities. It is also full of fun craft, snack and art project recipes. This book can help increase your quality time together with your kids and the best thing is that you can save money while you do it.